McPhee Bros (Exports) Pty Ltd is located on the Murray River at Wodonga in north east Victoria, Australia.

This is Australia’s premier cattle and sheep growing area with high annual rainfall and some of the world’s best grazing pastures.

With Australia’s leading livestock selling markets at its door step, McPhee Bros (Exports) Pty Ltd are able to source the highest grade livestock for processing.

Licensed by the Australian Quarantine and Inspection Service (License No 925), McPhee Bros (Exports) Pty Ltd is able to supply high quality meat products, edible offal, skin & hides and rendered by-products to all parts of the world.

Specializing in Beef, Veal, Mutton and Goat meats, McPhee Bros (Exports) Pty Ltd supply the finest quality meat product direct from an Export Abattoirs situated on site at Kelly St Wodonga (Est 612) Victoria, Australia.

Situated half way between Sydney and Melbourne Australia’s two largest cities McPhee Bros (Exports) Pty Ltd has excellent access to Australia’s largest seaports and airports.

Currently exporting to more than 50 countries

We are able to supply high quality meat products to markets all over the world.